Longhai Vanke Plaza

Not just a shopping mall, it is a new recreational retail destination. Longhai Vanke Plaza, designed by L&P Architects, with 66,000 sqm and 4-storey retail space, was recently built in the city of Longhai. Located in Yuegang New District, it is a newly developed administrative area, 3km to the east from the Longhai city centre. The project is located in the core development area, with the aim to be a vibrant “Urban Threshold” for the Longhai city new district.

As a new city recreational destination with a very privilege location, Longhai Vanke Plaza humbly delegates the continuity of the Jiulong river flowing through it, connecting from urban level to the interior space of the mall. Adopting the idea of water flow through solid rocks, the design proposes the harmony of a contrast between hard and soft elements. The hard element like rock applies to the architecture massing and the soft element represents the people. Inspired by the on-site experience, spectating the water streams from the river to the sea, the building massing cracks open at the west and east main plaza entrance, which are very important traffic flow intersections, allowing people flow through. Hence, it becomes a gateway for people to walk to the residential area and through the mall.