Yinchuan Jianfa Yoyo City

Sitting between the Guan Lake park and CBD center of Yinchuan, Yoyo City is a refreshing interpretation of the retail experience. With a total of 120,000 square meters, this urban mixed-use complex is the synthesis of shopping center, retail street, and boutique apartments.

In conceptualizing our design, through research we realized the importance of the context of our site. By sitting at a key axis of the city, we designed the architecture to act as a city-level landmark. Connecting this main intersection with the Guan Lake park through integrating open green spaces creates an “urban vitality axis” that runs from the east to the west. A “community life axis” from the north and south face completes the flow between residential apartments. 

Through establishing our conditions, we created a design concept of “urban symbiosis”, the goal of which is to offer sustainable and natural spaces for leisure and entertainment. People are encouraged to interact with the organic design while in a state of relaxation.

Our façade was inspired by the landscape of the nearby Guan Lake. The horizontal lined language is an interpretation of the wetland’s floating islands, reflecting the unique characteristics of the surrounding natural environment. “Sparkling waves” inspired the façade design of the tower, the form suggesting the movement of water.

Focusing on the interior space, we experimented with the latest models of social experience and interactive public spaces to activate the retail functions. Through the use of zoning, the various interior spaces were enhanced visually and physically to enable interactivity. We aimed to re-invent the modern and city-wide landmark for the future of Yinchuan.