Yinchuan Jianfa Modern City

Jiafa Modern City is in the core business district of West Jiefang Road, Yinchuan. It is an old commercial project that has been operating for ten years. After being entrusted by the owner, the design team carried out field research on the site, combined with the site environment and urban development context, and proposed the design concept of "urban regeneration".

Commercial renewal is a mirror of urban development, which forms a new urban lifestyle in recombination of "old scene fragments". The original building is transformed from an old department store into the most influential brand retail gathering place in the district and a new landmark for urban experience.

Based on respecting the urban memory of the original building, the facade design is based on exploring the connotation of the site and enriching the facade of the urban space. The combination of silver-white aluminum plate and transparent glass is adopted to capture the subtle fluctuations of glass folding arrangement to capture the changes of light and shadow at different times of the day. To break the original rigid appearance, the facade is interspersed with elements such as vitrine box and naked eye 3D screen, which reflects the modern fashion aesthetics from an international perspective.

Indoor is limited by the height of the original building and the whole structure, design using strewn at random have the space corridor as presentation means, amplification multiple interesting subject and fashion scene technology and streamline the perfect fusion of lamplight, low area centered on IP big steps gather the people, the central criterion with interactive experience and magic slide to pull screen, The high district makes guests stop by with a personalized bookstore. Each frame presented in the field can extend and enrich the spatial imagination of the project and bring consumers an immersive spatial experience.