Yinchuan Jianfa HQ Tower

Jianfa HQ Tower is an oasitic expression in the heart of Yinchuan city, the capital of Ningxia province in North West of China. The 80m grade-A office tower sits in a prominent spot of the new Yuehai Lake CBD. The project occupies an important intersection between the CBD inner ring, Yuehai road, and the central boulevard, Dalian middle road, next to a landmark green belt.

The design concept is derived from a dynamic motion of water droplet that symbolizes the ‘urban oasis’, which is an attribute to Yinchuan itself known as ‘Oasis in the Desert’. The restrained tension of water drop is expressed on the building form, dissolving to the ground from the step-terrace style HQ office at the top of the tower. The design of the tower expresses an articulation and softness that is shown in the round corners that disappear into the surroundings. At lower level, the tower will aim to promote urban activity by offering retail opportunities. The retail steps down from the tower outline to the property edge, intending to form a water splash.

The project proposes a new integrated and flexible office building that offers the concept of Activity Based Working and people-centric workspace. Rethinking the type of office building and its function, the core mission is to create a positive social impact and to activate the work and play environment.