Qingdao Textile Valley

L&P Architects has been selected as the winner of an international competition for the urban expansion and a makeover of Qingdao Textile Valley. Viewed as a successful transformation from a historical textile factory into an important hub for future fashion designers, Textile Valley aims to expand its positive influence to an international level by inviting world-known fashion names and diversifying purposes yet to preserve the urban heritage in order to complete the urban renewal mission. 


Located next to Qingdao North Railway Station, the existing development has been well known as a tourist destination for its historical Bauhaus style building showcase and the museum that exhibits the heritage of Qingdao’s first textile factory. The expansion will catalyze to become an international fashion hub that will provide spaces for young designers, creative innovative SME and international institutes to root in.


At present, the historical factory identity has been lost. Making it re-appear is the key to reconnect people with history. The design for the expansion is developed with a deep understanding of the root of heritage, so as the new generation from the same root will carry on the legacy. Each building cluster is identified with a certain façade aesthetic that is inspired by the textile techniques such as pleating, draping, weaving and paper patterning.  They are stitched together as a whole design integration. The new Textile Valley will enhance the branding value “The Usual Place, with a New Twist” and offer the city with a destination that traverses between memories and vision, by combining innovative industrial parks and cultural tourism experiences.